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Our students have an experience inside and outside the classroom that is individualized and student-driven. 

VIA Student Announcments

Building Community

  • Daily Advisory

  • Weekly Community Circle Grade Meetings

  • Monthly School-Wide Town Halls

  • Opportunities for In-Person Meet Ups

  • Lunch-time Activities and After School Clubs 

  • Guest Lecture Series

  • Student-Led Theatre Performances

  • Virtual Talent and Fashion Show

  • Virtual Career Days

  • Anime Club 

  • Art Society 

  • Girls Who Code (GWC is open to all)

  • Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

  • Robotics 

  • Student Government

  • Students are able to design their own clubs. 

Working Outdoors
Working with Laptop at Home


We offer:

  1. A counselor who will meet you twice monthly.

  2. An advisor who meets daily with students.

  3. Internet Etiquette classes to address online bullying.

  4. Restorative practices in every classroom.

  5. A dean of students to address student concerns.

  6. Weekly Social and emotional elective classes.

  7. Yoga and meditation as a part of Physical Education.

  8. After school wellness clubs and activities.

  9. Virtual theatre curriculum that addresses bullying.

  10. Game-based learning that addresses depression, social anxiety, and other issues associated with isolation.


Our Population

We serve grade 9 students who are in their 1st year of high school and reside in NYC. Our students come from all 5 boroughs and are very diverse. General education students, students with individualized education plans, and students who are learning English as a new or second language are welcome at A School Without Walls. We will add a new 9th grade of about 120 students each year until we offer instruction to students in grades 9-12.

Urban Street
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