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We are a project based, competency assessed school that uses Design Thinking to engage our students in real-world learning. We are a NYC Future Ready School offering career pathways in computer science and media design and a Big Picture Learning School, offering work-based learning, internships, mentorships and opportunities to learn outside of our school.


We offer a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous learning.


Students are learning remotely at home but have access to in person support at our two sites, 916 Eagle Avenue in the Bronx and 131 Livingston Street in Brooklyn.

 For the 2023-2024 school year, we offer: 

  • Daily synchronous attendance and advisory

  • Daily synchronous humanities and STEM sessions

  • Bi-weekly synchronous sessions for social studies, science, foreign language instruction, health, art/music, and elective courses 

  • Weekly asynchronous lab time for students

  • Synchronous Physical Education classes on an alternate-day schedule 

  • Asynchronous coursework via APEX 

  • Advanced Placement and Dual College Credit at Monroe College and CUNY

  • Real-world applications via internships

Schedule and Special Education and ENL Support

  • Up to five and a half hours of instruction/ academic study will occur daily with additional time for small breaks and lunch. 

  • Each class meets two or three times per week. The majority of instruction is interactive videoconferencing with live teachers.

  • Students can choose from a varied selection of online elective online courses over time based upon student interest. 

  • We have 4 special education teachers, 2 SETTS providers, and 2 school counselors on staff to ensure access to IEP modifications and counseling services. We also have an ENL teacher for students learning English as a new language.

Competency Assessment

    • In order to support students' ability to access and track their learning to set them up for success in the ASWoW Virtual learning community , we will be implementing this grading policy for the school year 2022-2023.  This policy is subject to change.

    • The goals of this policy are as follows:

    • To promote meaningful learning partnerships between staff and students through competency-based assessment and feedback cycles.

    • To develop independent learners through reinforcement of habits of self-directed learning and professionalism.

    • To ensure that students are rewarded for their productive efforts, but not penalized for the challenges that come with remote learning.

    • To view our complete Grading Policy please click here

Design Thinking and Project Based Learning


2023-24 VIA Virtual Grading Policy

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