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Our mission is to provide high school students with a rigorous, personalized, state of the art virtual instruction with a project-based learning approach.  We are reimagining education to ensure that our students are future-ready, by providing access to digital learning that is student-centred, career-connected, rigorous and culturally responsive. We ensure a productive, diverse community of learners, willing to take suitable risks, learn from their mistakes, and support one another as we examine social problems, peak social awareness, develop social conscience and work toward personal and communal growth. Learning outcomes are drawn from the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity to create online learning environments that allow for students, their peers, instructors and guest experts to collaborate on compelling, challenge-based projects in key content areas.


Meet our Principal: Terri Grey 

Our Vision and Values

  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration

  • Culturally relevant problem solving in service of the community 

  • Design thinking to improve humanity 

  • Impact the real world in real time

Using the Computer

Key Features

  • Digital content and interactive experiences between students and educators

  • Advisor support to create individualized curricula

  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning

  • Wellness and restorative practices

  • After school theater arts programs

  • Remote and in-person internships

  • Student-led clubs 

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